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Album: SBOS Alumni Reception at AEA Conference, Baltimore - Nov. 9, 2007

On November 9, 2007, School of Behavioral and Organizational Sciences alumni, faculty, students, and friends gathered at a reception during the American Evaluation Association (AEA) Conference in Baltimore. Pictured below: student Kim Perkins, student (and certificate program graduate) Leslie Fierro, certificate program student Michelle Mercier, alumnus James Griffth, alumna Chanel Parsons, student Michael Harnar, and alumna Rebecca Eddy  
Alumna LaRease Thomas and guest  
Pitzer instructor Jillanne Thomas and alumna Katrina Bledsoe  
Research associate Tarek Azzam, alumna Rocele Estanislao and guest, and alumna Sae Lee  
Alumni Robert Lachausse and Kelly Fischbein  
Alumni Katrina Bledsoe and Rebecca Eddy  
Professor William Crano, Professor Dale Berger, alumna MaryCarmen Canucki, Professor Tina Christie, and alumna Deborah Sherwood  
Alumna Rashon Lane, student Kim Perkins, student (and certificate program graduate) Leslie Fierro, student Rachel Schiff, and certificate program participant Michelle Mercier  
Alumna Rebecca Eddy and spouse, alumna Ana Dor, and student Laura Myerchin  
Professor Michael Scriven, Michele Graham, and student Max Freund with a guest  
Alumnus James Griffith with a prospective student  
Student John Lavelle and alumna Sonja Evensen  
Pitzer instructor Jillanne Thomas and alumni Shanelle Boyle, Ana Dor, and Cindy Gilbert  
Alumni Shanelle Boyle, Ana Dor, and Cindy Gilbert  
Student Dreolin Fleischer with alumna Chanel Parsons and Dreolin's mother.    
Alumna Rashon Lane, certificate program participant Michelle Mercier, student Rachel Schiff, alumna Ana Dor, alumna Shanelle Boyle, and alumnus James Griffith  
Alumna Rebecca Eddy, Research Associate Tarek Azzam, Professor Michael Scriven, alumna Sonja Evensen, student Max Freund, alumna Cindy Gilbert, and Professor Tina Christie  
Professor William Crano and alumni MaryCarmen Kanucki and Cindy Gilbert